Our Story

At Cozy Handmade, inspiration meets expertise. Fueled by a love for quality materials, timeless design, and the art of leather crafting, a group of watch enthusiasts in Singapore set out to create the perfect watch straps. What began as a personal passion soon flourished into a community of skilled artisans dedicated to crafting beautiful, functional leather goods for everyday life.

Beyond watch straps, our passion extends to a range of handmade accessories, each meticulously crafted from start to finish by adept hands. From precision cutting to intricate stitching, every piece embodies our commitment to elegance, minimalism, and enduring quality. We believe in creating pieces that not only elevate your style but also tell a story – a story of dedication, passion, and a love for the craft.

Explore our collection of watch straps, watch travel pouches, and wallets, and discover the difference that handcrafted excellence makes. You'll find timeless pieces designed to become cherished companions, whispering tales of cozy comfort and enduring style.