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Leather Bund Pad, Newman Style Military 102

Leather Bund Pad, Newman Style Military 102

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The bund strap is a stylish and functional watch accessory with a rich history. Originally designed for German pilots during World War II, the bund strap is a protective leather pad that is placed under the watch case to protect the wrist from extreme temperatures.

Today, the bund strap is still a popular choice for watch enthusiasts who appreciate its vintage style and functionality. This bund style is named after Paul Newman, the famous actor and race car driver, who was known for wearing a bund pad with his Rolex Daytona.

If you are looking for a functional and stylish way to wear your watch, then the bund strap is a great option. Pair it with our 2-piece watch straps to give your watch an instant vintage look.

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Military 102 (camouflage), combination of different tan brown shades. The camouflage pattern is subtle.

Leather Lining

The underside of the bund pad is lined with soft veg tanned cowhide leather for comfort and durability.

Edge Finishing

Leather edges are beveled and burnished by hand for a smooth finish.

Bund Size

Bund Size (Long 150mm x Wide 40mm) - for watches with case not more than ⌀40mm


Approximately ± 2.5mm

Strap Stitching

Top Stitching
Minimalist Watch Strap | Top Stitch
Corner Stitching
Minimalist Watch Strap | Corner Stitch


Cut from high grade full grain Italian veg tanned leather from one of the best tanneries in Italy. The leather comes with gorgeous random camouflage patterns, textures with natural characteristics, such as wrinkles, marks and pores. It will develop rich patina over time, creating a leather watch strap with a look that is uniquely yours.

Unique Leather Variation

Every piece of full grain leather has its own unique character, and are all hand-dyed. There are no two pieces that look identical, which means your COZY handmade leather bund pad will be one-of-a-kind where each piece may vary from color intensity to texture.

Care Information

As long as the leather does not expose to harsh elements such as prolonged exposure to heat and water, you can care for it as little as once every 6 to 12 months. Refer to leather care page for more info.

Additional Notes

Bund pad will make watch strap wear slightly shorter by approximately 1 hole.

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Made by Hand

All products are handcrafted in our small workshop in Singapore – from cutting to stitching – while staying true to our brand philosophy of producing elegant, minimalist, functional and durable leather goods.